My name is Rachel Skaggs, and I am the Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Assistant Professor of Arts Management at The Ohio State University. I am a member of Ohio State's department of Arts Administration, Education, and Policy, where I use a sociological lens in my research and teaching about the role of art in society. Reflecting my interest in arts entrepreneurship, I am also affiliated faculty with the Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise.


The questions that guide my research focus on how workers in post-bureaucratic employment situations (freelance, project-based, self-employment, and other forms of free agency) are able to craft careers out of a series of self-directed projects and jobs, particularly in creative industries. I am especially interested in how workers in these situations collaborate and cooperate along the way. To answer these questions, I use a mixed-method, multi-level approach centered around social network analysis.


You can find my recent articles at Social Psychology Quarterly and Work and Occupations for examples of how I apply a sociological lens to studying creative industries. Listen to a discussion of this work on The Annex sociology podcast.